How to choose a right power bank?

Choosing a right power bank should consider your actual needs.

Up till now, Moigus has 6 different capacity range for power bank. In general, the power bank can be divided by two categories, MoiJuice series and MoiBook series.

MoiJuce is a power bank that is with USB On-the-GO function, which not only charges all your devices but also allows you to transfer files from any flash driver.

MoiBook is a universal power bank with highest product efficiency 96%.

If you travel frequently for business needs, MoiJuice will be good for you due to its’ OTG function maybe can help you for your job.

If you are only buying a battery for your daily use, MoiBook will be not a bad choice. 

How to charge Moigus power bank?

Moigus Power bank come with a USB re-charging cable, simply connect the provided cable to any powered USB equipment (AC outlet, or laptop), you can start charging. Be aware that the re-charging speed might be affected by the power source, thus affecting the re-charging time.

Also, Moigus’ products are designed with protective circuit for over-voltage or over-current during re-charging, having said that, you can also use the AC charger of your devices to charge Moigus products. However for the sake of safety and efficiency, it's only recommended to use the AC charger of a branded devices like Apple, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony, LG, etc...

Please be reminded that Moigus will not provide warranty to a product damage caused by using a non-branded AC charger.

What devices can Moigus power bank support charging to?

Moigus power bank are universal which means it can support charging to most of the mobile devices, either with the included connector and cables or with the original cable of your device.

For MoiJuice power bank, what devices can use its’ USB OTG function?

The USB Host enabled android devices can use MoiJuice’s USB OTG function.

How’s MoiJuice power bank’s charging speed?

MoiJuice power bank support fast charging. Moigus Moijuice utilizes a combination of the Boost IC from Seiko, Japan and Charge IC from Monolithic Power Systems, USA to ensure fast and safe charging of your mobile devices.

Combined maximum output for Moijuice 8100 is at 5V/3.4A, while Moijuice 4100 and 6100 are rated at 5V/2.4A(Max).

All USB ports for Moijuice 4100, 6100 and 8100 has individual max output rated at 5V /2.4A

How’s MoiBook power bank’s features?

The MoiBook 3000 is designed slim & sleek with built-in cable, which is convenience to carry.

Both MoiBook 7000 and 14000 have the Highest product efficiency in the market at 96%. Besides, MoiBook 7000 comes with 2 USB ports to allow for up to 2 devices to charge at the same time, and MoiBook14000 comes with 3 USB ports to allow for up 3 devices to charge at the same time.

If MoiJuice power bank is compatibility with original charging cable?

Yes, Utilizing the built in Compatible Control IC from Texas Instruments, USA, the Moigus Moijuice allows users to directly utilize their original charging cables to charge their devices, including the Samsung Galaxy Tab series, Blackberry devices and more.

How’s MoiJuice power bank’s charging capability?

The Moigus Moijuice 8100 comes with 3 USB ports, allowing for up to 2 mobile phones and 1 tablet device to charge concurrently at the same time.

Both Moijuice 4100 and 6100 comes equipped with dual USB ports to allow for up to 2 devices to charge at the same time, allowing the flexibility of multiple device charging without the expense of portability.

Do I need to charge my devices and MoiJuice power bank separately?

No, You can charge your devices and MoiJuice power bank at the same time. Moigus Moijuice battery packs offers users enhance convenience , allowing them to charge the battery concurrently while charging their mobile devices at the same time.

How do I know my Moigus power bank is fully charged?

Moigus products are designed with re-charging status indicators, In general, when all the indicators are always on or stop blinking, it means fully re-charged.

A small tip for best re-charging, always keep re-charging the power bank for another 30-60 minutes when the indicators show it's fully re-charged.

Universal charger has 4 kinds of plugs, while I just need one kind plug, if it is OK?

Of course, it is OK to take the plug you need. There are 4 kinds of plug for different country’s need.

What kind of simply testing I can conduct when I encounter a problem with Moigus products?

Moigus’ products are well inspected before shipment, but sometimes a problem may occur during the actual use. In order to solve the problem quicker, you can conduct some simple tests to indentify the issue and ask for replacement or repair soonest.

For example, you are using a MoiJuice4100 to charge you Blackberry, when the cable is connected, the charging signal doesn't show on the Blackberry screen. Normally, you just need to make sure that the MoiJuice4100 is with battery (not drained yet). If yes, the issue will most likely be with the cable. You can change to use other cable/connector to charge a second devices, if it supports charging, then the issue is confirmed with the cable, you can ask for a replacement if it's still within the warranty period. If it still can't charge the other devices, then the issue might be with the power tube itself. You should contact your customer service.

How do I claim product warranty if I have a problem with Moigus products?

Now Moigus distribution has covered Great China, SouthEast Asia. We offer one year warranty upon product purchase. During this warranty period, if your Moigus product encounter an issue and you want to claim warranty. You should contact the customer service of your local distributor (it's printed in our warranty card or user manual). You need to present warranty card (there is a serial no# as well) as well as the receipt of purchase to verify whether or not the product is still within warranty period.

Why can't I use the claimed capacity to be directly divided by the power bank of my device to calculate how much a Moigus product can charge a device?

The claimed capacity of an external battery is the nominal capacity of a lithium battery, which is 3.7V. It's measured by a dis-charging current of 0.2C (means 20% of the battery capacity) from 4.2V to 0V. In reality, the battery will not be drained to 0V, normally it's protected at around 3.3V to avoid over-drain which will damage the battery cell. That goes some loss of capacity. What's more, a battery cell is only 3.7V and in order to charge a cell phone or portable device, the voltage has to be raised up to 5V. During this process, there will be some capacity loss as well!

I can feel the warmth when Moigus product is charging another devices, is this normal?

This is normal because during the charging process, the voltage of a cell has to be raised up to 5V, and the capacity loss turns into heat, thus you can feel the warmth. However, the temperature should not be over 45 ℃.

How can I know the time needed for re-charging a Moigus product?

Inside the user manual, there is always indication about the time needed for re-charging. However, the time needed might be affected by power source, temperature and other external factors. There's a maximum re-charging current set for each Moigus product, but whether or not your power source (laptop or AC charger), can supply up to the current required will affect the re-charging time. Also, even though you are using a power source which has a current even higher than the maximum re-charging current, it won't shorten the re-charging time.

How can the Blue Q get the music resource?

Blue Q can play music not only from a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone but also from any devices equipped with a 3.5-mm

audio connector(AUX-OUT).

How can I get instruction manual if I lost my original one?

There's user manual in Moigus website, you just need to log into Moigus website and download the needed manual.

How can I buy a Moigus product?

As of now, Moigus has distribution channels cover more than 7 countries and products are available in most of the chain stores, you can log into Moigus website, and check on where to buy, to locate a store that is close to you. You can also check with Moigus’ local distributor to identify a store that is close to you.

What’s after-services Moigus will provide ?

Moigus will provide 1-year limited warranty from the shipping date. During the warranty period, distributor can return the defective products caused by Moigus under the account of Moigus for free replacement. Distributor should gather the defective units more than 20pcs for return and ensure the defective products with good protection. Moigus will replace new units to these defectives at distributor’s most recent shipment.

Why the retail price of Moigus’ products is generally higher than others?

Moigus is a brand which emphasizes a lot on product design, creative ideas, material, finishing and user friendliness. It takes a lot of time and effort for our R&D team to create our products.

Moigus also emphasizes a lot on the product testing and safety, all of our products has passed all the necessary testing required.

What's more, Moigus products are well penetrated by localized distributors who can also provide the good after-sales services for you.

Which License has Moigus obtained for Moigus products?

Up till now, All Moigus products come with certification for CE and FCC, ensuring the high quality and safety standards are up to mark.